Recent Works

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Log jam in river
"All Tangled Up",
Watercolor, 25" x 22" framed,
Carra Marble
"White Gold, Carra Marble",
Watercolor, 25" x 21 framed,
Chianti Landscape
"Classical Chianti",
Watercolor, 25" x 21" framed,
View From Montepulciano, Italy
"View From Montepulciano, Italy"
Old town well Pienza, Italy
"Community Well Pienza, Italy",
Watercolor, 19" x 20" framed,
Montepulciano Afternoon
"Montepulciano Afternoon",
Watercolor, 21" x 27" framed,
Italian View
"Italian View",
Watercolor, 18" x 25" framed,
Stone building in the snow
"Long Time Forgotten",
Watercolor, 19" x 23" framed,
"Winter Horse Shoe Bluff",
Watercolor, 24" x 30" framed,
Midwest Early Fall
"Midwest, Early Fall",
Watercolor, 21" x 28" framed,
Kincaid Elevator #2
"Kincaid Elevator #2"
Winter in Jo Daviess County
"Winter In Jo Daviess County"
Bullis Discount
"Bullis Discount",
Watercolor, 28" x 21" framed,
White House On Sitka Bay
"White House On Sitka Bay",
Watercolor, 27" x 21" framed,
Old Homes, Scotch Grove, IA
"Old Homes Scotch Grove, IA"
Old Shops, Scotch Grove, IA
"Old Shops, Scotch Grove, IA"
Waiting In Vancouver
"Waiting In Vancouver",
Watercolor, 16" x 21" framed,
Once a Century Farm #3
"Once a Century Farm #3",
Watercolor, 28" x 21" framed,