Figurative watercolors

I like to capture people when they are their most natural. That usually is when they are not aware that they are the subject of a painting or drawing. It often times requires patience to wait for a moment when the subject assumes a pose that might provide an interesting composition. In the case of "To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street", the painting required capturing images of multiple individuals and then arranging some of them in a composiiton.

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Watercolor, 25" x 31" framed,
Waiting For The CTA
"Waiting for the CTA",
The Apple Pickers
"The Apple Pickers",
Watercolor, 26" x 20" framed,
Pawn Shop Minstrel
"Pawn Shop Minstrel",
Watercolor, 26" x 28" framed,
Fourth of July
"Fourth of July",
To Think That I saw It On Mulberry Street
"To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street",
Watercolor, 25" x 22" framed,
The Book Club
"The Book Club",
Watercolor, 22" x 28" framed,
The Dangling Conversation
"The Dangling Conversation",
Watching The Watchers
"Watching The Watchers",
The Art Reception
"The Art Reception",
Watercolor, 20" x 26" framed,
Chillin' Below Michigan Ave.
"Chillin' Below Michigan Ave.",
Watercolor, 21" x 22" framed,